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Update Available!

There are some minor bug fixes in addition to the new features below!

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New Features!

Support for WippReMacro

WippReMacro is a powerful tool for DaVinci Resolve allowing you to save your own version of fusion templates for use on the edit page! This will be released on 5/20/2024

Updates and Bug Fixes


Both of these tools have been updated with cleaner UIs for easier control! They also feature realtime motion blur for extremely fast render times! The AnimEngine is open by default to avoid clicking through extra menus to find the control you are looking for!


WippZoom now has a Continued Zoom option when using the Standard mode. Note this does not currently work with the match feature.


WippPivot now has a Link/Unlink Size button so you can animate the pivot and the size in one effect. A early version of this was in the last version of the tool but it has been refined for better results!


I spent a lot of time optimizing this tool so you get better performance overall and significantly better performance when using 1-2 windows!


This tool was updated with the ability to use your GPU for hardware rendering. The render control is under the Settings tab on the edit page if you need to change this back to the default.


Something Not Right?

Let me know if you found a bug!