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The EditorCollection for Davinci Resolve is a set of 23 Powerful plugins designed to speed up your workflow and level up your quality! The goal of this pack is to cut out all of the repetitive editing tasks we have to do on a daily basis, and instead make them fun! I've continued to update the pack so it keeps up with your creativity and won't slow you down! Plus you will always get lifetime updates!

System Information: 
- Davinci Resolve 18.5+
- Works in Free Version
- Windows, Mac, Linux
- 16 GB of RAM


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An Editor's Best Friend

The Ultimate Time Saving Tool!


























A New Era of Davinci Resolve Templates

Drag & Drop

That's right! No messing around with nodes in the Fusion Page, all you have to do is drag it right to your timeline, and it's ready to go!


Easily change the color, position, size, text, padding, and even more right from the Edit Page Inspector! Plus, the tool will automatically help you out by making sure everything fits!


Now with the power of the AnimEngine, all tools are fully retimeable, but they don't stop there. Change the length of each animation, customize the curve, and so much more!

Intelligent Motion Blur

Now what does that mean? Motion Blur is really slow, and can bring any system to its knees. Instead of rendering Motion Blur for the entire clip, these tools will only turn it on when it's animating!

Easy to Use

What good would a template do if it doesn't save you time? Each tool is designed with that in mind and has the perfect balance between total customization and ease of use for quick turnarounds!

Lifetime Updates

Thats right! You get all updates with no extra charge to you! That includes bug fixes and even new tools! Stay Tuned!

New Update!

Meet the AnimEngine

What are People Saying?


Are there tutorials for the tools?

Yes! Click here to access them. Otherwise, each tool has a button in the inspector to quickly access them!

How do you install EditorCollection?

EditorCollection comes in a .zip folder, after extracting the file all you need to do is double click on the .drfx file inside and it will install into DaVinci Resolve!

Can I install on multiple computers?

Yes! When you purchase EditorCollection you get unlimited seats for one user! This means you can have it on your desktop and laptop with no issues!

Can I save my own templates?

Yes! If you create an effect with a EditorCollection tool that you use all the time you can save it as a new template so you don't need to recreate it every time you want to use it! There is a video on the top of the tutorials page explaining this process!

I'm a beginner, should I get this?

EditorCollection tools are built to be super easy to use and have intuitive menu designs so it's easy to learn! Plus I have a library full of tutorials if you run into any questions! 

I'm a expert, should I get this?

While all the EditorCollection tools are built to be easy to use that doesn't mean they aren't extremely powerful! These tools are built to save time and time equals money. If you edit professionally not only will these tools keep up with your workflow, but they will also easily pay for themselves with the amount of time they save you!

Will the tools slow down my system?

All of the EditorCollection tools are designed to be as efficient to use as possbile! Depending on your system some of the tools can cause slower performance, but it's still significantly faster than building the effect yourself and still having to render it!

How to get better performance?

If you are using a tool that is slowing down your project (usually caused by motion blur) I recommend turning on caching or using DaVinci Resolve's Render in Place feature! After doing one of those you will get realtime playback when editing!

Does motion blur render fast?

Anyone who has used Fusion knows Motion Blur can tank the performance of your system! Unfortunately I don't have a perfect solution but all of the tools have Intelligent Motion Blur. This means it will only render motion blur when the tool is animating resulting in much faster render times!

Can I customize the animations?

The EditorCollection tools have the powerful AnimEngine built in! This means you are able to turn animations on/off, customize the length, change the offset, and even add a easing curve right from the edit page! You don't need to use keyframes at all!

How much time do these actually save?

Some tools will save you hours on a project, others will save you a few minutes if you are a skilled editor. But when you are working with keyframes you have to put lots of time and effort into making sure they are the correct length and the easing looks smooth. Then when you make a change you have to do that all over again. The EditorCollection tools handle all that for you in the background. Want to change the length? Great, just make the clip longer! Want to change the scale? Easy, just one simple slider! Each of these will save you a few minutes with every animation, over the course of a edit that really adds up! In each of my videos I save 2-3 hours when editing, you can see how this pays for itself in just a few weeks!
Josh Mutia
Josh Mutia
Verified ownerVerified owner

Hands down the best and most essential Davinci Resolve effects pack today. It's flexible, complete, and with fast playback performance. Worth every penny.

2 months ago
Vladislavs N.
Vladislavs N.gb
Verified ownerVerified owner


3 months ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

These are very helpful tools for your everyday workflow.

4 months ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

The bundle is stacked with really helpful tools for editors but the Highlighter plugin makes the entire bundle worth the price alone for anyone that edits tutorials a lot. Highly recommend this bundle.

4 months ago
Jon Johnston
Jon Johnstonus
Verified ownerVerified owner

I am not a very good editor. This product helps me save time, make my videos look better, but the best part of it was the short tutorial videos for each component.
It helped me understand exactly how to use them, and I appreciate it a great deal.
Thank you Jake!

5 months ago

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