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EditorTitles is the BEST collection of Davinci Resolve Titles! With over 180 templates from 7 different title packs, EditorTitles has what you need to level up your videos and save time in the process!

System Information: 
- Davinci Resolve 18.1+
- Works in Free Version
- Windows, Mac, Linux
- 16 GB of RAM

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The Ultimate Title Collection

Includes 180 Davinci Resolve title templates from 7 different packs! Each Title is built for speed, customization, and designed to look professional. The EditorTitles pack includes lifetime updates to all current packs AND all future title packs will be included at no extra cost!

Original price was: $239.93.Current price is: $149.99.

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Drag & Drop

That's right! No messing around with nodes in the Fusion Page, all you have to do is drag it right to your timeline, and it's ready to go!


Easily change the color, position, size, text, padding, and even more right from the Edit Page Inspector! Plus, the tool will automatically help you out by making sure everything fits!


Now with the power of the AnimEngine, all tools are fully retimeable, but they don't stop there. Change the length of each animation, customize the curve, and so much more!

Intelligent Motion Blur

Now what does that mean? Motion Blur is really slow, and can bring any system to its knees. Instead of rendering Motion Blur for the entire clip, these tools will only turn it on when it's animating!

Easy to Use

What good would a template do if it doesn't save you time? Each tool is designed with that in mind and has the perfect balance between total customization and ease of use for quick turnarounds!

Lifetime Updates

Thats right! You get all updates with no extra charge to you! That includes bug fixes and even new tools! Stay Tuned!

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Cinematic Titles

The ultimate collection of cinematic titles for Davinci Resolve! Each of the 60 titles allows for control over the text, colors, animation, and more! With the option for a accent color you can focus attention to a certain string of text with just a click! Plus, each title has a middle animation where you can change the direction and speed!
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Modern Titles

With 30 fully customizable titles, this is the BEST Modern Title Packs for Davinci Resolve! Easily change the layout, colors, and even the animations to fit your needs and the style of your brand! These titles work great for YouTube Videos, Social Media, and Promotional content!
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Clean Titles

Clean Titles are perfect for those looking to acheive a minimalistic style! Each of the 20 Titles allows for control over the layout, color, animation, and more!
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Callout Titles

Each of the 20 callout titles is built with everything you need! Right from the edit page you manually position the callout or connect it to trackers with two different attach modes! In addition to that you can easily change its anchor position, switch the direction of the line animation, and so much more!
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Logo Titles

With just a few clicks easily display your logo or the logo of different brands! Using one of the 20 different titles its easy to create a follow me on X, subscribe on YouTube, or just make a name card for a company!
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Basic Titles

This pack is built to be simple, one might say basic? With 20 different titles its easy to create a basic title animation and customize it with additional controls like a Text outline or Fade and Blur animations!
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Credit Titles

When your movie, short film, or documentary is done the credits roll! This pack contains 10 credit elements designed to help you create it!
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